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For sites under $5000 our standard terms are 50% of the estimate in advance and the balance on satisfactory completion. Design completion is usually within 2 weeks - 1 month depending upon client, for example, client indecisiveness, new design additions, waiting to receive websites information etc.. Once the webdesign has been approved by the client and other webpages have been completed using the approved design, any editing of the web design, text changes, images alterations/changes etc.. is at an additional cost to you. Design work will be released to you when the balance in total is paid. If the changes to your website are to many from original design request, Final Host will complete design quote as stated in the beginning of your web design and, re-negotiated your price change after the original contract is fulfilled.

For larger sites we are happy to negotiate schedules of progress-payments or make arrangements for invoicing work done on an hourly basis.

Your web design price/quote is based upon clients first email request, web design price may be changed at anytime or re-negotiated if design work is altered, added to or changed in any manner throughout the course of the original contract. Final Host reserves the right to refuse any new design changes until quote is re-negotiated and/or more money is required up front. Final Host reserves the right to terminate design contract at anytime if client is uncooperative, difficult to work with, to indecisive, i.e: always changes his/her mind, by adding/editing images, color or any changes, after page design is completed / approved / good, client expects thousands of dollars &/or a ridiculous amount of hours worth of work for little money paid, etc...  

If you use one of our pre-determined business plans full payment can be made securely online - satisfaction guaranteed. If web design work for our pre-determined business plans takes longer than 24 hours to complete (reasons are usually client indecisions, so be decisive and prepared) extra charges may apply. This is very unlikely to occur however; if this should occur you will be notified by our designers before hand.

All custom made images, web pages, custom logos, will not be released to you with copyright privileges unless, otherwise specified by our web design staff. Final Host web designers will work with the originator of the design contract to their specifications and satisfaction.

To make payment by check or international money order, please remit to the address right, in US Dollars made payable to Final Host Internet Services:
Final Host Internet Services
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